LEVEL and  FLOW CONTROL ENGINEERS-Brand Name BeeKay is leading manufacturer & exporter of Process Control Equipment. These are designed to meet the specific needs of equipments and Valves
Flow Indicators
Level Indicators
Flame Arrestors
Sight Flow Indicators
Heat Resistant Glass
Industrial Strainer
Sight Glass
Level Switches
Level Gauges
Industrial Valves
Safety Valves
Boiler Accessories
Liquid Level Indicator
Sight Flapper Indicators
Float Switch
Boiler Gauge Cocks
Industrial Glass
Glass Tubes
Vacuum Relief Valve
Tank Breather Valve
Liquid Level Controller
Level Sensor
Level Controller
Magnetic Level Gauges
Klinger Gauge Glass
Simplex Strainers
Ball Float Valve
Peephole Glass
Industrial Strainers
Flash Back Arrestors
Heat Resistant Burner Glass
Tank Breather Valve for Pressure Vessels
Weld Pad Sight Glass
Weld Pad Level Gauge
Tank Level Gauge
Air Vent Valve
New Items
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